Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey all! I have news, news, and news!

First of all, tomorrow, Thursday, April 9 will be 6 weeks nicotine-free for me. I am amazed that I've made it this far, but I know it's not me - it's God.

April 9 was also supposed to be my court date for custody. A few weeks back, my attorney called me to say that I just don't have a case. The kids are adamant that they want to be with their father and have made that known to everyone involved, including the counselor that was to testify in court. I find it amazing that kids have choices! These are under age boys that are failing school. But, of course, we know that kids will take the path of least resistance. At dad's they really don't have to do much, they certainly don't get punished if chores or homework assignments aren't completed, so what the hay!

I didn't post anything for a few weeks because I just couldn't deal with it. After the crying and praying and whining, I finally decided I will live. God has a plan for me....Not sure what it is, but I continue to pray that He will continue to guide me.

Do you believe in spiritual gifts? I certainly do, and I have decided that one of mine is the old-fashioned gift of gab....

Now, what am I going to do with it? And my answer is, I have no earthly idea. God will show me if I continue to lift it to Him in prayer. I am being led to something MUCH greater than I ever thought possible. Just not sure what!

Stay Blessed!