Friday, January 16, 2009

The Cell Phone Technology

I love my phone! I didn't know how much until the battery was lost last night after I got off work at my night job. My phone fell out of my purse and hit the tile floor of the break room. I found the phone and the back of the phone, but the battery was NOWHERE to be found. 6 co-workers and I crawled on our hands and knees....even pulled out the refrigerators, etc., and it just vanished.

When I left work I went by one of the "Super WalMart" stores - by now it's close to 10 pm. I'm thinking WalMart has EVERYTHING, right? WRONG! Even though they process sales for cell phone programs, they do not carry "accessories" such as a battery.

I felt SO inept without my phone!

To make matters worse, I went to the AT&T super-duper store today just to buy a battery. Guess what? Since I've had my phone SOOO LONG (really, only 2 years), it's been discontinued. Which means what? They no longer carry those batteries. But guess what? They were ready to sell me another phone, and of course, I had to get it because I couldn't get the stuff needed to make the old one work!!!!

I've lost some of my contact info, as well as the pictures of my favorite place. At least I'm back up and running.

Technology is great as long as the user is not a bone-head....I am SOOO technologically challenged!

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