Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi Again!

So, last night I visit my children at their father's home. If you've read the other stuff I've written, you know that I am going through a custody battle because my children are failing school.

The situation is crappy, and I don't wish it on ANYONE - not even their father.

The bomb went off when my oldest, he's 16, told me that he wants to fail this year. HE'S A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! He said he wants to fail so he can graduate with some of his other friends a year behind him. Then he told me that he's going to be honest with the judge when we go to court (currently scheduled for April 9) and tell him that he wants to live with his dad. Now, you have to understand, this is the kid that has ALWAYS said he didn't want to choose. Me thinks me smells a RAT!!!

Then my youngest, he's 13, says the same thing.

Here's what I think is going on:

Dad moans and groans in the presence of the children that if they have to live with me, he will lose everything. He won't be able to pay his bills, etc., because he will lose his little (HUGE) monthly paycheck that we non-custodial parents are forced to call child support. That money NEVER goes to my children. My ex-mother in law and I buy their clothes, shoes, etc.

Anyway, I think they thought I would say "I'm sorry" and drop the case. WRONG! I told them that if they want to stay with dad, they have from now until court to bring up those failing grades. I also told them that I will wait to hear the judge's verdict. I want the judge to say yea or nay.

Can you tell I'm a little peeved?

So, what did I do when I got home last night? What any mother would do - CRIED! Then I prayed. I prayed for God to change me...change my heart. I want God's will to be done in my life. Also, I don't want anyone to EVER say that I didn't try.

So, what am I doing today? Baby, I'm praying, of course.

I'll blog some more soon.....

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